ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin
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Vote For A Better World By Utilizing Digital Currencies 
Vote For A Better World By Utilizing Digital Currencies 
ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin
The Pre-Launch
The Pre-Launch
The pre-launch phase of the ProducerCoin/EmploymentCoin project will begin when the mechanisms for accepting donations and investments within our crypto currency wallet is in place.

Currently, we are evaluating the services provided by several crypto currecy groups and exchanges to determine which of their protocols is most compatible with the long term goal of facilitating ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin mass distribution and adoption.

These systems include, but are not limited to those provided by Mastercoin, Counterparty, Litcoin or NXT, or an ala carte combination of these services.

Individuals interested in making donations to assist this pre-launch may sign up at this website. When our systems are in place, participants will be contacted and told how and where to make donations.

Individuals seeking to make a pre-launch investment, either in the form of pre-existing crypto currency, USD, other currency, or even inkind contribution will be given the opportunity when our back office is complete.

In the near term, anyone interested in participating in our project at any level may express their desire by sending an email to

Those who invest in the pre-launch phase of ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin are making a high risk investment. This high risk investment may result in a total loss. 

No one should participate in this stage of the project unless qualified as an informed and sophisticated investor. 

Do not participate in this project unless you can to afford to lose 100% of time, money and effort necessitated by said participation.

Pree launch donations will be accepted in any amounts. Crypto currency, USD and other foriegn currency investments with be accepted in ratio to the value of USD.

Specifically, prelaunch investors can make USD equivilent investments at the following ratio.

Each USD or equivilent provided to the project will allow the participant to purchase 100 ProducerCoins at the time of launch.

Upon launch, food producers will be entitled to mine 10 ProducerCoins for each dollar of their crop underpayment per unit of production.

The underpayment, or "gap" payment is the diffference between the market price of a commodity and the parity price for said commodity.

Liquidity will be insured during the launch because a pool of other currencies will be used by consumers to purchase ProducerCoin on an exchange. In turn, the producerCoin will be paid to the food producer.

The food producers will encourage suppliers to adopt the coin and  said producer may exchange  ProducerCoin for other currency. 

Employment coins will launch as producers purchase the coin at par with USD and use the coins to pay for labor at the full parity price.

Input suppliers and retailers will be encouraged to adopt both coins so it will not be necessary to sell the coins on exchanges each time they are accepted.

Note to all regulatory agencies. This coin is not intended to become a form of legal tender.  
Concept  by Fred Lundgren
Katy, Texas
(281) 599-9800