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ProducerCoins and EmploymentCoins
This website unveils the "ProducerCoin" and the related "EmploymentCoin" concept whose essence and enumerated roll-out is described below. These coins are strictly based upon the macro economic discipline known as "Raw Materials Economics" (RME), commonly called "Parity Economics", which is a basic formula of fairness and equity of exchange that heretofore has been hidden from the masses.

ProducerCoins and EmploymentCoins can be used as an alternative currency to bridge the gap between disastrously low hourly wages and a living wage for labor while adding additional value to non GMO and organic farm products that too often sell for less than the cost to produce them.

This currency can be an important first step toward lifting millions of people out of poverty in rural and urban areas while rewarding small and mid-sized family farms that practice sustainable, organic food production systems.  The need to launch "ProducerCoins" and "EmploymentCoins" stems from the proven failure of current economic systems to place an accurate value on essential raw materials and labor.

Every product and service we use in our daily lives has a fair and honest value. This value can be accurately measured in terms of the human and mechanical energy required to produce all "things". This fair and honest value becomes the "Parity Price".

Everything we utilize in our daily lives is comprised of  raw materials and intelligent labor. Thus, all products, goods and services carry an intrinsic parity value which is  consistent with the human and mechanical energy necessary to produce them.  These coins can potentially add value to these two primary purchases, food and labor.
ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin
Vote For A Better World By Utilizing Digital Currencies 
Vote For A Better World By Utilizing Digital Currencies 
July 12, 2016
ProducerCoin and EmploymentCoin
The adulteration of our food supply and the exploitation of labor, combined  with constant shortages of food and natural resources in many underdeveloped countries has worsened in the 21st century. Poor nutrition and poor people are commonplace across the globe.

We have witnessed obscene concentrations of wealth along with obscene concentrations of poverty We are surrounded by millions of people in western democracies who can't afford to purchase the goods and services they produce.

At the core of this problem are fatally flawed, debt based monetary systems that restrict the issuance of all new currency by forcing it to be borrowed into circulation as interest bearing debt.  These systems are designed to endlessly concentrate wealth at the top of the economy while restricting the flow, velocity and saving of wealth by workers, small businesses and farmers.

These monetary systems are controlled by generations of economic parasites who drain the value of our planet's labor and natural resources. These systems were never designed to pay an honest day's wage for an honest day's work. They leave millions with no hope of a good life and millions more with a mirage of opportunity that never materializes.